Different Types of Soft Drinks

Ever since the moment that Joseph Priestley managed to create the process of carbonation, inventors from all around the world embraced soft drinks with both hands open. This quickly enabled these drinks to become popular all around the world, not only utilizing vast technical improvements that enabled them to become easily accessible, but also large variety of recipes that made soft drinks appropriate for any situation.

Types of soft drinks:

  • Regular – Most commonly found soda drink, popularized worldwide by Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Fanta and similar drinks.
  • Diet – Diet soft drinks are those that don’t use natural sugar in them, but just small amount of artificial sweeteners. This makes diet soft drinks into beverages that have much less caloric value.
  • Low-calorie – After many studies have shown that soda and sweetened drinks are one of the main sources of calories in many countries around the world, manufacturers started offering special drinks that have very low caloric value. They have zero natural sugar and often are marketed to have zero or 1 calorie.
Picture Of Cola Beverage
  • Mid-calorie – Balanced soft drinks that have majority of their sugar removed, but calorie intake is still not as severely reduced as with low calorie drinks.
  • Flavored – This type of Soft Drinks is usually found when manufactures of carbonated mineral water wants to spice up their drinks with some specific flavor (usually lemon). The vast majority of the base drink remains the same, and just small amount of artificial sweetener is added.
  • Caffeinated – One of the most popular types of soft drinks, present in almost all products from Coca-Cola Company. Presence of coffee gives drinkers quick boost of attention, making them more awake and euphoric. It also makes them addicted a little.
  • Caffeine-free – Soft drinks who are specifically made not to give users positive and negative effects of caffeine intake.

Soft drinks by packaging:

  • Bottled (either glass or plastic)
  • Cans (small aluminum packaging that are usually made in 0.33L size)
  • Soda fountain – Device that dispenses carbonated soft drinks (creates them on the fly), often located in restaurants, convenience stores and concession stands. They can be automated or used manually.
Picture Of Cola Beverage
Picture Of Spanish Cream Soda Drinks
Picture Of Carbonated Water With Lime
Picture Of Cold Soft Drink With Orange