Soft Drink History - Who Invented Soda Pop?

The history of consumer beverages completely changed with the introduction of water carbonization process, which enabled manufacturers like Coca-Cola Company, Pepsi and Dr Pepper to promote highly popular soft drinks all around the world. Here you can read more about interesting history of soft drinks.

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Timeline of Soft Drinks

Soft drinks first arrived into our history in late 18th century, and since then inventors, chemist and industrialists managed to improve them significantly, making this type of beverage the most popular in the world.

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History of Soda Fountain

History of Soda Fountain chronicles the origin of entire history of soft drinks. These devices enabled street sellers, pharmacies, stores and many other establishments to start selling soft drinks like never before.

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History of Carbonated Water

Natural carbonated water and its medicinal properties were one of the main reasons why so many scientists, engineers and chemist sought the artificial way of creating this bubbly mixture. When found, the process of creating carbonated mineral water became one of the most lucrative businesses in the world.

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Diet Soda History

Since the moment popular soft drinks appeared over a century ago, general population and medicinal community became noticing various effects of high intake of this bubbly beverage. To combat rising health concerns, diet variants of the popular soft drinks released after 1960 quickly became instant hits.

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